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M. M. Rogers

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The Alpine Panorama Ring

Established in 1990 by Jewelry Designer Michael Rogers, the M. M. Rogers Studio approaches jewelry making with an unique sense of old word technique, and elegantly structured design. Fashioning jewelry by hand with an amazing array of custom and traditional tools, earth friendly techniques, and environmentally responsible practices are central to the studio's philosophy and culture.

"Every piece of jewelry has a story, tells a story, or is a story yet to be told. Whatever the purchase price may be, it is the human connection that ultimately defines true value. The moment a piece of jewelry is given or received, the moment someone discovers that one special piece, something magical happens. In an instant - a bond is created, a friendship affirmed, a loved one honored, a memory fixed in time. That is the true joy of what we do. It is what defines and motivates us." Michael Rogers – The M. M. Rogers Studio.